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We elevate our clients' strategic vision through the uncovering of realities that create opportunities.

For over 35 years, ABM has been developing insights that have been instrumental in developing some of the best-known and successful brands. ABM is a leader in the field of strategic consumer research. The company comprises a cross-cultural, multi-disciplinary team of social scientists. Each project is undertaken with the expectation that a breakthrough in knowledge will be delivered. ABM offers clients the flexibility of selecting the team members best equipped to deliver those breakthroughs, depending on the objectives and subject matter as well as the disciplines and language skills most required.

  • Focus Groups

    with a range of n.l.p - driven projective techniques. Parallel interactive to on-line groups

  • Depth Interviews

    Altered consciousness interviews to means-end theory laddering. Consumer-observed multi-stage interviews

  • Ethnography

    Segment and activity-based consumer safaris. Shopper insights studies, bloggraphy, day-in-life

  • Semiotic and Critical Discourse Analysis

    Decoding of advertising, logos, packaging, brand names, collages etc. Analysis of narratives on concepts like luxury, energy, freedom etc.

Our Senior Team

Each of the researchers in the senior core team has 10+ years of: Multi-country qualitative research experience conducting: focus groups, IDIs, ethnography, and semiotic analysis for: Packaged consumer goods, food and beverage, personal care, household products, alcoholic drinks, QSRs, automotive, technology, pharmaceuticals among: Consumers, business decision-makers, children, patients, physicians, professionals, experts, using: Hierarchical values mapping, projective techniques, altered consciousness interviewing, shopper behavior, user behavior for: Exploratory, innovation, brand identity, brand imagery, brand positioning, brand health, communications, packaging
Ken leclair
Vice President
Ken LeClair has a background in sociology, media, and public affairs. His experience working on issues that are fundamental to the fabric of the societies and communities he has studied results in his bringing to ABM a perspective that extends well beyond findings about brands, categories, and consumer segments to discoveries about the underlying cultural contexts.
Katrina Andrews
Vice President
Katrina Andrews has a background in cultural anthropology. Her experience observing and interviewing consumers in a wide range of environments across the globe results in an uncanny ability to observe what others might take for granted, and to help ABM convert observations into game-changing insights.
Angela McCallum
Senior Vice President
Angela McCallum has a background in law. As a result of her legal training, she approaches every research and business challenge with discipline and rigor, enabling ABM to provide direction with unparalleled clarity of vision.
Charles Leech
Executive Vice President
Charles Leech has a background in semiotics. His distinctive cultural perspective broadens ABM’s understanding of our clients’ business challenges and allows us to provide more impactful strategic direction.
Ron Beasley
Ron Beasley has a background in linguistics, sociology and social psychology. This enables him to contribute meaningful, relevant insights about human nature and communication to ABM’s study designs and discoveries.

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